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Ready to turn your dream home vision into reality? We’re here to make it happen. Whether you’re eager to break ground on your custom home or just have a few questions before taking the next step, we’re ready to help.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and start your journey toward building the perfect home tailored to your needs and desires. Let’s bring your dream home to life together. Before you get in touch, be sure to check out our Custom Home Pre-Checklist

Ready to start building your dream home? Call Us Today.


Custom Home Pre-Checklist


So you’ve found the perfect piece of land, and now it’s time to build your perfect home. If you already have a house plan drawn up, that’s great! If not, we work with local architects who we know will do a great job designing a custom plan for you. Before you call us or an architect, however, it’s always helpful to think and dream of what you really want from your house. How many rooms do you want? Do you plan to cook a lot in your kitchen? Entertain guests? Work from home? Write out a list of wants and needs before you meet with us or an architect, and that will help immensely with drawing up a plan.

Decide on a Time Frame

What’s your timeline? How soon do you want to move into your house? How long would you be willing to wait? You should have this in mind before you call us. Especially if you need things completed on a very accelerated schedule, that could greatly affect the next item of your pre-checklist: the budget.


Before you call us, you will want to have in mind how much money you can afford to spend on your home, so that we can determine if we can build your plan on your land within your budget. It may be that your plan or timeline could be adjusted, but without a budget, we can’t determine what might need to give. Call us, and we’ll see if we can work it out.

Ready to start building your dream home?

Call us today at 706-781-5192